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Expo #1
Guy Baekelmans
Fine art deconfined has ended

When: 30/4/2021 till 30/5/2021
Every Friday, Saturday, Sunday – 2 pm to 6 pm or by appointment via
Has had +/- 350 visitors despite little publicity

Where: De Bonneterie – Erembodegemstraat 33 – 9300 Aalst
Located at Du Parc nearby Sports complex Schotte

The pop-up exhibition ‘FINE ART DECONFINED’ contains 84 works by Guy Baekelmans, most of which have never been shown before. They may be regarded as the artistic and spiritual expression of a pure thought and view. The end point of a common thread that has spun itself through an intriguing oeuvre for many years.

“Lines, surfaces, shapes: they speak for themselves wordlessly. Their purity is often more convincing than any story, theme, or autobiographical fact. That is why the flawless execution of clear, geometric construction work is essential. (…) On the other hand, Baekelmans rarely works in a purely constructive way. A gradual shift from calculation and serial construction to intuition and play can certainly be observed in his works. His work becomes truly free.”

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(Frans Boenders, ‘Ketens van Karma, Ont-ketende Kunst’, in ‘Guy Baekelmans, Een spirituele reis’ (monografie, 2013, bij Pandora Publishers)).

Guy Baekelmans talks about the exhibation

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Expo #1 – Fine Art Deconfined
The Artist
Guy Baekelmans

° 1940, Berchem

Guy Baekelmans was a student of Octave Landuyt in the 1950s. In the early 1960s he immersed himself in photography in order to distance himself from the influence of his master. In 1969 he returned to painting with a series of works (Figures and forms) in the style of Pop Art and Hard Edge. Between 1971 and 1972 Baekelmans evolved into a series of paintings and plexiglass sculptures (Tensive Spaces). The organic form was compressed and disappeared, making way for purely geometric forms.

The evolution towards constructivism, of which Baekelmans became a nationally and internationally known exponent, was accompanied by an early interest in Eastern philosophy. From the 1980s, the importance of the three-dimensional increases, with autonomous and often monumental sculptures.

Grand Prix of Europe (Ostend), Jeune Peinture Belge, Center for Fine Arts (Brussels), Modern Art Gallery (Brussels), International Cultural Center, (Antwerp), Striped House Museum (Tokyo), ARC Yamagiwa (Tokyo), Belgian- Flanders Cultural Center (Osaka), Center d’Art Contemporain de Jouy-sur-Eure, Beaumont Fine Art, Berticum, (‘s Hertogenbosch), BANK DELEN (Antwerp), FeliXart Museum, (Drogenbos),

Pierre Bergé & Belgian Gallery (Brussels), 100 anni di Pittura Belga (Ferrara), 2nd Triennial of Bruges (Bruges), Réalités Nouvelles (Paris), Richard Foncke Gallery (Ghent), I.K.I. (Dusseldorf), Rathaus Kreuzberg (Berlin) Grand Prix of Europe of the City of Ostend, Casino Ostend (BE), Galleria di Arti Visive (Parma), Biennale Internationale d’Art (Menton), Galleria d’Arte Contemporanea Sincron (Brescia) , Middelheim (Antwerp)​, Belgian House (Cologne), Gallery Ado (Bonheiden), Studio d’Arte Il Moro (Firenze), Il Brandale (Savona), Centro del Portello (Genova), Biennale Européenne de Sculpture Contemporaine de Normandie ( Jouy-sur-Eure), SCULPT 87/3 (Maubeuge), Celebration of Light, Pyrri Art Center (Savonlinn), White Art Center (Sint-Martens-Latem), V° Triennale, Campo, (Antwerp), 35th International Sculpture Symposium (Krastal), Lille art-fair (Lille), Andrés Van Hove Gallery (Antwerp), Happy Birthday Dear Academy, MAS (Antwerp), (…)

Guy Baekelmans’ work has been shown in dozens of solo and group exhibitions, at home and abroad

Expo #1
About the Location
De Bonneterie – Erembodegemstraat 33 – 9300 Aalst
Located in Du Parc nearby sport complex Schotte

For decades, Bonneterie Bosteels – De Smeth was one of the most important employers in the Dender region. The du Parc product line, a reference to the factory’s location, next to the Aalst city park, was the most famous, which is why the site is still known as du Parc today. From the 1980s, sales deteriorated and in 2001 the family business was declared bankrupt. For years the factory buildings stood empty, but now they are being upgraded in all their glory. This historic building, real industrial heritage, is today returned to the population as a meeting place for recreation and creation.